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I'm putting out new music!

On January 27th my new single "Through my Eyes" is coming out. Presave it now so you can be the first to listen!

I'm participating in "The Voice of Germany" 2021!!

I still can't believe it. I've been working hard for this moment, and now it is finally happening. Soon I will be performing in front of Sarah Connor, Mark Forster, Nico Santos and Johannes Oerding on stage. On Thursday, 07/10/21 at 8:15 pm on Pro7 my show will be broadcasted!


"How The World Came To Life Again" is now available as an acoustic version!

"How The World Came To Life Again" is available everywhere from now on!

I'm in a boyband now!

If you remember Luke's show, you probably also remember Tim Heister and Pascal Bornkessel. The three of us were vibing so much from second 1 that we promised that if neither of us would make it into Luke's band we'd just make our own, and here we are!

On August 27th we'll release our brand new single "How The World Came To Life Again", stay tuned!


"Half Of A Tattoo" is now available as a live unplugged version!

My new single "Half Of A Tattoo" is now available everywhere!

The 'Behind the Song' Video for Bag of Chips is out!

Mooom, I'm on TV!! :D

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